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Many people who want to have their teeth whitened to have the procedure performed by specialists, especially if some of the teeth chipped or cracked. Bleach dentist can repair and adhesives. Also, some people, the teeth that are naturally sensitive, and so prefer to have a cushion of a dentist before starting treatment. Of course, most of us simply do not have the finances nor the time to stop working and going to the dentist for a cosmetic procedure, which costs money, and not covered by health insurance, except in case of accidents.

Therefore, as a rule, most will look for the tent of the best teeth whitening products for use at home.The precautions should be taken into the house opposite to the process of bleaching teeth: * Get the treatment and prevention, which removes the plaque and dirt .* brushing and thread before the teeth whitening procedure is applied .* Do not eat or drink during the first hours after his teeth.Teeth trays and bleaching GelsWe there is no denying the effectiveness of trays and whitening gel but the results at home to whiten teeth are not as desirable as the money from those used by dental professionals.

Whitening process depends on the strength of a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in the gel. You can use these trays for a couple of hours of day or night. It takes at least 3 days and a maximum of 2 weeks to show their real impact on your teeth.There two types of tooth whitening products that are available: a type offered by your dentist, and others can be purchased on the open market. Both do the same work. However, both are very significant differences and differences.The important differences in the results.

Tooth whitening kits have received from their dentists to show quick results, and those who bought at the market there. Also, teeth whitening trays and gels obtained by the dentist, based on the size you ordered, and are commercially available finite size, which may cause the gel to come into direct contact with the gums and teeth whitening because irritations.Teeth StripsApart tray strips those are readily available in pharmacies. Characteristic features of these bands, which are inexpensive, very effective and easy to use.

These bands have earned the trust of users in a very short period of time. Furthermore, some studies have also shown that these bands of teeth showed the best results, including products such as mouthwash and dental gum.

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