teeth whitening: Advantage & Disadvantage of Home Teeth Whitening - Pros and Cons of Getting a Beautiful White Smile

Plus: a set of white teeth are most commonly associated with a healthy lifestyle and beauty. Teeth Whitening is usually done to improve their appearance. When your teeth brighter, which tend to be less self-consciousness and more.Furthermore smile, wrinkles less noticeable if you have a white smile makes you look younger and more energetic. Finally, more and more people that sport bright smile you mentioned something to focus on while they talk. Appearance.Cons occurs even more pleasant: Although effective, teeth whitening has its drawbacks.

This may include pain in the gums and teeth of the substances used in the bleaching process. Typically, these complications will disappear once you stop using chlorine. Some people are sensitive to chemicals. If you happen to be one of them, be sure that your cosmetic dentist to understand it so that it can be tested for sensitivity to the bleaching tray solution.In-FIT Custom Home bleachingThis procedures require the use of a tray for your teeth. You have to bite on a tray with a small amount of whitening gel for a certain period of time during the day.

This treatment is the most common and widely used for ease of use and costs less. The dentist takes impressions of your mouth, which is used to create custom-made thin plastic tray to take home for use in the treatment to be used within 1-2 hours daily.With this procedure, you will see results within days but usually take 1-2 weeks to see significant whitening of the teeth. Tooth If you are in violation of gray color (purple or black) or internal staining, laser whitening treatment services can sometimes be used for this procedure.

Pros: value is relative and gradual whitening of the, teeth whitening, teeth will be less noticeable on others.Cons: You will need to, teeth whitening, visit the office of cosmetic dentist 2-4 times to complete this procedure.Home white teeth strips pensPros: These pens or home whitening strips are easier to use at any time, anywhere. It 'much easier than custom trays that you can simply apply the tooth whitening agent for about 5-10 minutes twice a day. Works best in situations of emergency or when you do not have much time, and still want to have a bright white smile.

Cons all products has no side effects. Test before use. These whitening products may cause damage to teeth for an extended period. Consult your doctor before you engage in any teeth whitening treatment.

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