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You may feel that your teeth are too discolored and stained to ever be white again, but cosmetic dentists are achieving amazing results with the latest tooth whitening techniques in their clinics. This has made the in-office tooth whitening a better option to consider whenever you want to whiten your teeth.

In-office tooth whitening is a tooth whitening procedure carried out in the cosmetic dentist office. It is regarded to be faster, safe and most effective. This is because the oral health care professional or the dentist is there to do it himself. So it is done in a professional way under total supervision.

At the in-office tooth whitening, the dentist starts with examining the health of your teeth, such as checking the teeth for cavities since tooth whitening gels can damage the cavities in the teeth.

At the in-office tooth whitening, your teeth can be whitened up to 3-5 shades whiter within 45minutes. This will enhance your appearance by eliciting a brighter and whiter smile within a short time.

There are shades charts available in the dentist clinic that will be used to determine the particular shade of white teeth that will be good for you. This chart is used during the consultation stage of treatment. This makes the in office tooth whitening to be different, because your dentist is in charge of achieving your particular desire white teeth.
When the oral health care professional or dentist is working on you, he does so at your comfort. In other words, you are made to be comfortable while the treatment is going on. During treatment your dentist uses a tissue barrier which could be a gel or a rubber guard. This help to protect your lips and gums against the whitening gel.

The tooth whitening gel is applied in three sessions. During the tooth whitening process, special light source is used to activate the gel. Then, turn the gel, and accelerates the process of tooth whitening. Then the teeth whitening gel can remain on the teeth for about 15 minutes, until it was time for later use.

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