Tooth Whitening - Part self haircut These Days

First of all let's understand the concept of 'veneer' in the whole procedure of whitening of the teeth. Whitening of teeth is considered a very vital part of your personality and vigor these days, since it's considered a very much part of your beauty, hygiene etc.

So 'veneers' play an important role in the teeth whitening procedure, which has helped many patients to attain whiter teeth, since these days in the corporate world especially in professions related to glamour, flight attendants etc. require all this to be done as a must and can't compromise on such things.

So what's a veneer basically? In dentistry a veneer is described as a restorative material placed over a tooth surface either to protect a damaged tooth surface or to cover the flaws in the tooth. Two types of materials can be used in veneers, it maybe porcelain, the other material is composite and of course the price may vary as per the material used. A composite veneer is one, which is directly placed into the mouth of a person or fabricated in the dental laboratory by a professional dentist and later bonded to the teeth of the patient, using resin cement known as panavia, while on the contrary a porcelain veneer can only be indirectly fabricated.

'Veneers' were discovered in the 1930s by an American dentist by the name of Charles Pincus. The veneers produced initially by this American dentist were weak and fell off unless and until denture adhesives were used. Inspite of this drawback, this procedure was helpful to improve the appearance of the teeth of movie stars.

In those days only movie-stars were particular about whitening of teeth, since they belonged to the glamour world, but nowadays everyone of them is interested in anything which aids in enhancing the beauty of a person even by one percent. The major components of veneers are hydrofluoric acid and porcelain. The invention of veneers have proved to be a major boon to people working in the glamour industry like films, serials and also to some in the hospitality industries like airlines, hotels. where looks matter the most.

There are many home teeth whitening methods, but 'home teeth whitening method' implies you should be very careful in this sphere, since here you are the boss and you are not an expert, so you need to be doubly careful, but this article is not something to discourage you from using home whitening procedures, but to only remind you to be careful at whatever you do, it shouldn't happen that you use some chemical to whiten your teeth and don't get the desired results.

A few tips on how to whiten your teeth at home:

A puree of strawberry and baking soda is very helpful in whitening of teeth before brushing with your regular tooth paste.

Brushing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide before brushing with your regular tooth-paste is also very helpful in the whitening of your teeth at home.

Common salt used along with your toothpaste is also very useful for home teeth whitening purpose.

Hence it proves that there are many procedures available in the market to whiten your teeth, but which one is most suitable for you is a personal choice and should be left to the individuals themselves.

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