Custom Tooth Whitening Trays

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Teeth whitening is on everybody's list of things to do and luckily for you this industry has come a long way. These days we get the benefit of trays that mold to our teeth for a perfect fit. This option was previously not available to consumers and many people had to go to a dentist if they wanted a professional impressions made. Dental visits can be very uncomfortable as many people have gag reflex's or simply don't enjoy others sticking things in their mouths for long periods of time. Many at home whitening kits that are available on the web that use custom fitted mouth pieces.

How Custom Teeth Whitening Trays Work

Many of the custom fitted mouth trays work by either soaking a tray in warm water and then bending the tray to fit the shape of your mouth, or by inserting an over sized tray into your mouth and placing a gel in the try and them firmly biting down to make an impression of your teeth. Then when the tray dries or hardens you can apply your whitening solution into the custom fitted tray to increase the effectiveness of your application.

Why You Need Trays

The trays keep the bleaching agent in place and most importantly on your teeth. The better the mold the better the bleach will be held up against your teeth. If the bleach is not held up properly, then you will get weaker results. If you want a whitening solution that has custom trays then check My Tooth Whitening Reviews page, which contains the latest and most effective security solutions for whitening teeth at home. These solutions are much cheaper than professional care for a dentist and a much safer home remedies.

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