Common Tooth Whitening Side Effects

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Teeth whitening is a very common practice these days, especially with so many over the counter products that are available in pharmacies. However, it should be noted that side effects do occur from using these products and even if you get it professionally done. Most commonly experienced is sensitive teeth after a whitening treatment.

When a dentist performs a teeth whitening procedure, the dentist is actually using a bleaching agent to whiten the tooth. The gums in the mouth is very sensitive to this chemical and discomfort can be caused if the proper precautions are not taken to prevent bleach to gum contact. If the teeth become overly sensitive, it is up to the patient to let the dentist know. The procedure can then be spread out over a period of time so that it does not aggravate the teeth so severely.

In addition to teeth sensitivity, you may also experience tooth discomfort or minor pain. This is normal but the pain should fade away over time. It may be a sharp, acute pain or may be a dull consistent pain. The most common cause of this is the bleaching agent used by the dentist. The chemical may have penetrated the nerve tissue of the tooth or caused the tooth to become dehydrated. If you happened to receive a laser tooth whitening procedure, another source of the pain may be due to the tooth being exposed to high levels of heat for a long period of time.

If you get your teeth professionally whitened, you should expect more discomfort compared to a over-the-counter kit that you can buy at the pharmacy. This is because in a professional treatment, the dosage of peroxide in the bleaching agent is much higher than those levels found in the at home kits. This is the active agent which whitens your teeth.

Fortunately, there are several treatments available to alleviate the pain. An anti-inflammatory drug could be used before the actual Bleaching process. This can reduce swelling and discomfort after the whitening process. In any case, the physician should be consulted before he or she may have a better suggestion.

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