Teeth whitening home and sensitive teeth

Having a beautiful and perfect smile is popular today, and many people are using home teeth whitening in order to get their smile back in shape. However, sometimes whitening can make teeth more sensitive, and this can be difficult for people who already have sensitive teeth. This means that if you have teeth that are very sensitive, you need to be extremely careful when you are choosing your method of teeth whitening.

One of the ingredients that can cause more problems if you have sensitive teeth happens to be hydrogen peroxide or carbomide peroxide. While this can increase sensitivity, there are some things you can do to reduce this problem. One thing you can do is to use a bit less of the product. Don't use quite as much as it calls for when you use the product to avoid making your teeth even more sensitive.

Another option for using some teeth whitening products is to not leave them on your teeth as long. For example, if you are using trays for home teeth whitening, instead of leaving them in a couple of hours, reduce it by half. Sure, these things may make it take a bit longer to whiten your teeth, but it won't cause the sensitivity to be as bad.

Of course, another option is to go with products that are specifically designed for those with sensitive teeth. Some products are designed for people who have teeth that are quite sensitive, and these options can be a great choice.

Even though you have sensitive teeth, you can still use home whitening products. You don't have to go on with a smile you hate. With the right products and when you use them correctly, you can have a beautiful smile without dealing with tooth sensitivity.

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