Rapid Tooth Whitening Products comparisons

Searching for a teeth whitening products comparison online is very difficult to do. There are so many new products that are released on the market each day that it might leave people feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with information. I've assembled my very own quick and easy teeth whitening products comparison because of that very reason and to help you out.

When I first began my search I found a lot of ads that were promising some spectacular results and I was reading product reviews after product reviews until no end. I also looked at the countless before and after pictures.

Some of them looked amazingly convincing while others looked like a bad Photoshop job. You can tell they just lightened up the entire picture because the so-called patient's skin was also surprisingly lightened after one use of their product.

I've nailed it down to the main products that are on the market and found out how they work and how they compare to one another. They all promise the same end result, but vary in price and the amount of time you need to put in to get those pearly white teeth you want.

The first whitening products I reviewed were chewing gums. Their price range can vary anywhere from $1 to $2.99 for a pack of 16 sticks of gum. Whitening chewing gums like Trident White and Orbit may be an option if you enjoy chewing a lot of gum. There was no noticeable difference and my teeth did not turn a shade lighter after chewing the recommended amount of gum or consuming a whole pack.

The next batch of products I used was whitening toothpaste. I did enjoy the Crest Cinnamon flavored Whitening Expressions toothpaste. It set me back $3.75 for a tube, but I did see improvement after I used the whole tube. I got white teeth and great fresh breath. The results were not noticeable until after I used it for two weeks.

The third product I tried was Crest Night Effects. It costs $15 and is a brush on whitener. It took a while to get used to brushing the fluid on my teeth with its tiny applicator. You have to apply the solution and then let it sit and dry overnight. My only complaint was that it felt awkward feeling it all over my teeth and against my lips.

How can I end my teeth whitening products comparison without even mentioning white strips? White strips are the new popular product out on the market. Clear plastic strips with bleaching solution on one side. Take the strip and stick between your teeth and remove after 30 minutes. They work well if you buy a 7 day plan, but there is a plan for 30 days, if you want to spend less money and time to wait.

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